This playdough recipe is extremely easy as it has just two ingredients in it, which is most probably already present at home – any kind of lotion (hand or body) and corn starch. Great chance to utilize the product you are bored of or spontaneously bought and apparently didn’t like. This recipe is perfect for recreating winter scenes as it has a flaky texture and easy to mold. And it will moisturize your hands while playing – double score 🙂

I used:

  • 1 part body butter
  • 2 parts corn starch

I measured the ingredients, Alya mixed them together with her hands over a tray. I helped her to reach the status when I could form a ball out of playdough and we were good to go.

IMG_7498 IMG_7501 IMG_7503 IMG_7504

Alya started making a snowman right away and creating moments from the Frozen movie, later she switched to pretending it was salt, then cottage cheese and then we made some pizza with it. Flakiness of the playdough actually opened more room for imagination and we had a great hour playing together.

Don’t forget to store the playdough in the airtight container.


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