Few days ago Alya noticed a binoculars in a book we were reading and asked me to get her one right away. A toilet paper roll project seemed like a great option to combine an art activity and an actual toy as a result.

What we used:

  • 3 toilet paper rolls
  • liquid paint
  • glue gun
  • ribbon

Alya chose white color to paint the rolls and each of us finished one. IMG_9266Then I unrolled the third one to get a straight line, and I wrapped it around the binoculars in the end so they stay together. We painted it red.IMG_9271It took around an hour for all pieces to dry completely – Alya was really generous with paint. 😀

Afterwards I used a glue gun to stick the wrapping strip around the tubes and poked 2 holes – one from each side, so the thin ribbon could get through. This way my girl can have the binoculars on her neck, supervised of corse.IMG_9289Alya was extremely happy about the result and now carries her new binoculars everywhere with pride. 🙂

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