Once I was looking for an exciting way to introduce the shape of a square to my girl. The suncatcher project was also on my list. And both ideas went perfectly together. We revised the circle and heart shapes, and some colors as well.

I used:

  • 1 circle plate
  • parchment paper
  • blue construction paper
  • pink and colored tissue paper
  • scissors, white glue

I cut the center of the paper plate out, glued parchment paper to the back and cut off the extra edges. Then I cut a square frame out of the construction paper and also made glued parchment paper to one of the sides. IMG_3906As both shapes dried, I drew a heart with glue over the plate and some random lines over the square. Alya had a blast tearing, crumbling and sticking the tissue paper over the glue.IMG_5888

After we finished both projects, the shapes took a nice sunny spot over our balcony door. We’ve done this activity few weeks ago and I still don’t feel like taking them off 🙂


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