Every time we go to the playground or story-time, there is that one mom who thinks it’s completely fine to let her kid have a pack of crackers, candy or yoghurt pouch in the middle of the crowd.

Snack loving moms, are you buying yourself a piece of sanity like that? If yes, I want to say thank you for switching my time outside to nightmare. Yeah, I mean it. Because my 3 year old is not mature enough to accept the fact that other kid is allowed to eat in a public place during the activity time. All my explanations of respecting the place and that there is a specific area and time for food vanishes in a blink of an eye. She wants the same thing the other kid is having on a spot. Moms, that think eating during story times is fine, were you also snacking in the middle of the lesson as a kid? I don’t think so. Or do you grab a pack of chips during the meeting while at work? If no, why are you teaching your kid this behavior?

If you worried your little one is already hungry one hour past his breakfast, believe me, kids as adults can go completely fine between the assigned mealtimes – which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just try this “insane” snacksless experiment for a week, and you will see your kid having much better eating habits and behaving way better through the food time. He’ll be busy eating everything you cooked, including all the vegetables.

Or another guess. Do you give your kid a snack in the middle of the crowd, because you didn’t have time to have a proper breakfast/lunch at home and the kid is REALLY hungry. In this case, is it that hard to leave the place and find a quite spot, so your toddler has his food without being the center of attention? You don’t feel awkward in front of 5-10 staring kids?

Fellow Mamas, we are all living the same crazy day every day, but a little bit of respect to other people won’t starve your kid to death. Either share with everyone, or simply leave. Obviously your kid is hungry and can’t concentrate on the story, or may even hurt himself in the playground while his hands are busy.

Remember, all the future problems with food and eating habits come from the childhood. Keep it healthy, moms!

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