Potty training is a subject which separates parents into opposing parties, sometimes even creates arguments between relatives, and makes moms and dads insecure about the way their child is developing. I’ve been in all of these. Discussions with fellow mamas on the right timing, reading Facebook threads on other kids successful experience even before 1st birthday, grandparents encouraging the transition from diapers to the potty, talks with my husband to figure out our own way. It all resulted into waiting for the right moment to start.

Potty training experience I went through with Alya was built upon few major factors:

  1. Alya’s readiness
  2. My readiness
  3. Our pediatrician’s recommendations
  4. Articles I read online

In Ukraine (where I’m originally from) babies are usually moved to a potty early. The introduction may happen as early as the little one learns to sit. I didn’t see it matching our case due to many reasons, so my choice was to wait till Alya starts showing the signs of readiness – most important – notifying me about her intentions. She was able to do so starting around 21 months, though actual fast drop of diapers happened much later when she was 2 years and 3 months. Before that she was teething non-stop and neither of us would manage the potty training.

So my readiness appeared few weeks after all the teeth were out and I actually realized that she is totally independent on using stairs – they say it’s one of the physical signs of the toilet readiness.

Our pediatrician was totally supportive and insisting to wait till Alya is ready, so the whole process will go smooth and fast. Also she recommended to stick to the toilet seat instead of introducing the actual potty first. We did so and I have no regrets about the choice.

One of the most inspiring articles on this topic for me was Potty Training in Three Days. It made me outline the way and get prepared for the day X. Following are the steps of our successful experience.


All the week prior to training we were notifying Alya that her half-empty pack of diapers is about to finish and there is gonna be no more. Big girl will switch to panties. She was really waiting for this to happen every other morning. Then I decided which three days I’m dedicating completely to the bathroom training, so I finished all the errands ahead. A day before we started, I bought a new toy for Alya to make the stuck home period more interesting, new set of markers, new coloring book (poster size with stickers), a pack of potty training pads for her crib and the cheapest shower curtain (I thought I’ll protect a part of play area with it as our whole apartment is covered with carpets).

First Day

As she woke up I happily changed her to undies and happily changed her again in half an hour when the first accident happened. After that I remembered a tip I’ve read once. It suggested to spend the first day in the bathroom so it’s easier to take preventive measures. That’s how we spent at least three hours of the morning till Alya more or less got the idea how important toilet is. I had the floor covered with the shower curtain I bought and a little blanket for Alya to sit on. She was really excited to play in the restroom as we rarely do so. We played with her new cash register, colored, stuck the stickers everywhere possible, played with water in the sink. Then she napped and second half of the day was totally normal, we played home till the bed time.IMG_5875IMG_5876IMG_5879IMG_5880Second day

Went much easier and only one or two accidents happened.

Third day

Went smooth, so I took her to a playground in the evening for an hour.

That was it. Three days potty training method worked great for us and I wouldn’t do anyhow different. As for nights she kept sleeping with pee pads for 2 weeks having an accident every now and then. Now its been more then 2 months and my preventive trick is taking her to pee while she’s asleep during the night unless she calls me.

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