Once we’ve had lots of balloons at home, and eventually Alya got bored of the conventional way of using them, yet she still wanted them around. So I remembered a great idea to use balloons instead of the painting brushes. And the fun began 🙂

What I used:

  • 3 different colors of balloons
  • few different colors of paint
  • paper plate as palette
  • crafting paper

I blew balloons a size of a big apple so it’s comfortable to to paint with them. Then I squeezed a little amount of one color over a paper plate and let Alya dip a balloon in it and paint over the crafting paper. IMG_7093Repeated with another color and another and another. Alya was choosing the colors and switching balloons as well.IMG_7095IMG_7106The result came out pretty neat and artistic 🙂IMG_7107

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