This painting over salt activity was a hit! Alya loved everything about it – drawing with glue, spraying the salt, painting with drops of watercolors and, of course , the magic of colors running through the salt.

What I used:

  • white glue
  • salt
  • crafts paper
  • watercolors
  • brush
  • tray

It’s better to use pipette instead of a brush, but I didn’t have one, so we were leaving lots of watercolors over the brush so it could have generous drops.


1. Draw anything you like with glue over the crafts paper. We revised heart and star, and also learned the new one – diamond. IMG_6932

2. Spray lots of salt over the glue.IMG_6936IMG_6937

3. Tap extra salt from the sheet over the tray.IMG_6939

4. Drop some water over the watercolors to break them loose. Dip the brush in one color and drop it over the salt paint. Repeat with the same color or wash the brush and repeat with another one. We loved the moment when the colors start running over the salt and mixing in a joyful combinations. IMG_6940IMG_6941IMG_6942

We had so much fun that Alya requested another round 🙂IMG_6945IMG_6951IMG_6957

And a bonus fun activity – finger painting over the leftovers of salt!IMG_6954

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