This year Alya is much easier to stand long drives, so finally a more-than-30-minutes drive is a piece of cake. When I saw someone mentioning Midwest Balloon Fest on Instagram, I immediately put it on our October wish-list. Saturday afternoon worked the best for us. We planned to get there around 4pm, the program sheet looked promising. And, of course, Alya decided to take a super-long nap that day :D. At around 5 pm we were doubting if there is any point driving to the fest. The balloon glow was taking part after sunset anyways, so we went. Good that we didn’t go earlier. The whole festival looked like the most average one, except of the hot-air balloon part. Many people were still arriving to catch the glow show.

Sunset colors were magical that day.IMG_8527 IMG_8529┬áThe only balloon which got up in the sky. The rest remained on the ground as they were acting as trick-or-treat stations. Alya couldn’t believe her luck ­čśÇIMG_8532 IMG_8540 IMG_8548 IMG_8554 IMG_8557 IMG_8560┬áLots and lots of people were enjoying the great opportunity to take some good shots of the balloons.IMG_8575┬áEvery now and then a little countdown was made and all the balloons were lighted simultaneously.IMG_8580 IMG_8586 IMG_8605 IMG_8609 IMG_8622 IMG_8637┬áThe trick or treat part. Looks like it’s almost “mission impossible” to get some candy, but in reality it was very easy to move in the crowd.IMG_8641 IMG_8654 IMG_8660 IMG_8667 IMG_8702

All three of us really enjoyed the fest, it was definitely worth a drive.

NB: Most of the photos were taken by my husband, except of the last 6.

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