I am a mom for almost three years and the flow of questions in my head is never-ending. Is Alya getting enough sleep? Is her food palette right for her age? Is she getting enough vitamins? How much sweets a toddler should have? How long can I keep her nap time in the daily routine? But my most often request to myself is – am I doing it right on the major level? Or am I missing on something extremely important and one day Alya will confront me with negative feedback and “how come you did this to me” question.

Writing this memo to myself with things I already figured out, hope to add more and keep the good parenting up.

  1. Say “I love you” more than you think is enough.
  2. Hug as much as possible through the day as well as kiss.
  3. Always apply good manners.
  4. Have fun anywhere possible.
  5. Create memories together and talk about the past good experience.
  6. Get on the floor and play as much as you can afford and even more.
  7. Find few songs you both can honestly enjoy, sing along together and dance when possible.
  8. Do chores and run errands together.
  9. Always find time to talk and listen.
  10. Count to 10 first when getting angry.
  11. Respect your kid, her space and privacy.
  12. Read together.
  13. Verbally acknowledge her achievements.
  14. Ask more questions.
  15. Always be there for her.

My great wish is that I’ll make it through parenting with less losses and a great deal of accomplishments. My biggest wish is that I’ll end up as a mother and person Alya will look up to and always be interested to talk to. My main goal is to be her friend as long as I exist.

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