Winter is around the corner, and our outdoors time is much more limited these days. Any opportunity to get active outside of the house gets me really excited. This time, Luminary Walk held in the Arboretum of Overland Park, KS seemed perfect to breeze some fresh air and enjoy the holidays illuminations as well.

The event was supposed to happen 4 times this year, but two of them were cancelled due to weather conditions. We could make it there only on Saturday 4 of December, the last day. And it seemed that it was the best day for everybody else – we had to go through traffic around the garden and pass a long queue to enter. And even through the whole walk we had to move in line, veeeery long and very slow. It felt we are about to get iPhone 7 in the end of it ūüėÄ . I don’t totally understand why this event is done only 4 days during the months of November-December, if it is that popular and desired. We couldn’t actually enjoy it as we had to walk the way the crowd moves and watch out not to hit anyone with Alya’s stroller.

The lines of candles define how narrow the pass is. It was really sweet and even romantic, except the people in front and behind.


IMG_8994 Luminary walk meant exactly the walk between candles most of the time. And few installation throughout the park. Like this deer. IMG_8997 IMG_9002 These trees were also amongst those five-or-so cute stations.

IMG_9006¬†People warming up around the fire. I think they were trying to sing something as well.IMG_9017¬†The path to get to Santa. After spending most of the time in line throughout the walk, another one was not what we were looking for.¬†IMG_9023¬†That’s the most beautiful part of the walk. Honestly, I was expecting a bigger number of those and even nicer, with some holiday spirit. IMG_9028¬†Alya finally got to run a little bit!IMG_9029 IMG_9031¬†In the end of the tunnel she found toy trucks and other vehicles guarded by snowman ūüôā .IMG_9036¬†Right next to it was another installation – The gingerbread house with some gingerbread men around.¬†IMG_9045 IMG_9046¬†Moving to the end of the walk. That’s about it.¬†IMG_9051 IMG_9058The evening we have spent in the arboretum, was mostly about hustle and lines, not joy and relax. It was an interesting experience to walk in the glow of the candles, but I don’t feel like going there again. Unless something changes in the way this event is organized.

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