Do you like hummus as much as I do? It is so perfect on so many levels: great snack, tasty addition to grilled meat plate, healthy way to load your kids with proteins, and, of course, perfect for vegetarians, vegans and lent.

For a long time I used to simply grab a ready box from any store. But either the size was too small or too big, so it was either eaten right away or lots of times forgotten in the fridge.

Once I thought I need to try to make it myself. I bought a can of chickpeas and the result changed everything! The homemade version is so much richer, fluffier, tastier! I know exactly what i added to it, and not the less important, it’s cheaper.

What I used:

  • 1 can of chickpeas ( I prefer no salt added or low sodium ones)
  • 3 claws of garlic (optional)
  • half a lime
  • oil (olive or any vegetable)
  • 2-3 spoons white vinegar
  • salt, black pepper, red pepper, cumin to taste

Wash the chickpeas in the colander under the running water. Throw everything listed above in the blender. Start with a few spoons of oil and add more after blending, if needed. Blend until it’s perfectly smooth. Put on a plate, make a circular groove in the middle with a spoon. Pour some oil over the groove. I like adding sun-dried tomato dip over as well for a fancier and tastier experience. Some tiny pieces of chopped bell pepper or sun-dried tomatoes would pair great as well. Going plain works fine for us too.

Enjoy your perfect hummus with baby carrots, pieces of celery, bell pepper, tortilla/pita chips, and basically along with anything else savory you like to eat.

Alya loves making it with me. She would add spices, vinegar, oil, and blend. After all the effort, she would be the first running to eat it!

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