The holidays are coming and Kansas City is already in the mood to celebrate! There are not so many places to visit, embrace the spirit or feel the winter, yet we have a few.

The Saturday evening before Thanksgiving shaped into a spontaneous drive to the Union station and Crown Center area. A dull day needed some excitement, and walking around the Christmas-themed places seemed like a proper way to cheer up.

 Union station looks outstanding with the holidays lights.  The inside of the train station always impresses me with its size and beauty of the details, and the Christmas tree is simply breathtaking!  The Saturday evening we were out and about happened to have some kind of an indoors holiday performance, we caught only a part of it though – the kids were not coping with the show schedule unfortunately.   We walked around the crowd and headed back to the Crown Center area. The end of the day and a huge line to get to the rink led to a major melt down. Alya was too anxious to skate and was not taking “no” for an answer. It took us some good time explaining and lots of assuring that we would come back again. We definitely will come back, winter holidays with its magic call to come back. 

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