Managing an infant and a 4 year old is not always easy. Most of the time it requires more effort and interactions than when all the attention was going towards Alya. What it requires the most is my patience and involvement. Which, to be honest, is not always easy to pull off. So activities like this one are definitely handy to bust the boredom.

What I used:

  • a wide piece of drawing paper (around 2 feet)
  • markers (1 black for tracing)

I traced Alya’s hand a couple of times, with each hand partially overlapping the other. She also decided to do few hand tracing on her own. 🙂

  Then I told her to color the overlapping areas only, each with a different color. In the beginning it was really challenging to envision the small pieces and be able to complete the bigger ones.   Soon enough she started to get tired of the task, so I offered to take turns in coloring those little pieces. Alya loved it and kept on coloring with me for some time.  As much as this activity was simple to pull off and go along with, yet it made us spend some good quality time together. Moreover, when we were done, Alya easily switched to independent playing, and I was able to do stuff around the house without interruption. Win-win for sure!

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