This was the fastest activity to set. Yet Alya had such a great time practicing her scissor skills as well as recognizing different emotions, face features and drawing faces on her own.

What I used:

  • 4 white paper plates
  • scissors
  • black marker

I cut some extra pieces of the paper plates in order to create the face. Next step was to create the “hair” on top of heads, so I simply cut through a piece of the edge of the plate towards the “forehead”.After that I drew the features on each face making four different ones: happy, sad, angry, surprised. And that’s it. The fun can begin and the preparations took not more than a few minutes.The haircutting part was a complete surprise for Alya. All the time while I was arranging the plates, she was wondering what’s that all for? I gave her the scissors, told her she’s a hairdresser and her customers are waiting to get new haircuts. Alya was extremely into it! She started cutting right away and also was talking to each character. I so enjoy watching the pretend part, all of those dialogues going on really make me laugh 🙂 Afterwards Alya decided to draw her own faces on the back of the plates I used. And she came up with few amusing characters.

Altogether she loved the task, and I loved how happy and busy she got in a second!


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