Alya loves coloring, drawing and other activities which involve to be arty. Knowing this, I always try to find an opportunity that will allow me to speak to her creative personality.

The idea of a giant coloring page really impressed me and I decided to print one for Alya during the winter break. I found this cute Christmas tree printable online. While cutting the pieces and gluing them together, I was imagining how she’ll get busy with it at least for half an hour all by herself. Naive me. 🙂 Apparently it was not enough to excite my little girl. She spent 5 or 10 minutes altogether, colored something here and there, and was done. I thought keeping this huge sheet around the house for a few days will still get Alya back to coloring every now and then. But no. It was just laying on the floor as if a part of our furniture.

Since I spent time arranging the sheet, I still felt unsatisfied with it being ignored. The game had to be upgraded! I got all the extras out – stickers, stamps, different kinds of pencils and markers. And finally Alya really got into this activity!  Surely Alya wanted me to join her and I gladly did. The most part she loved was coloring similar objects and comparing the results, as well as taking turns with stamps and stickers. This great coloring sheet is full of little creatures, cars and houses to get busy with, and it totally made us spent some good quality time together!

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