When I found how engaging playing with felt is, I decided I need to create an activity for Alya which will be both fun and educational. Recently I sensed an urge of a hands-on game with face features being involved. And felt faces came to my mind right away. I created it in my head a few months ago, but the days were warm back then, and full of outdoors activities.

Not only the weather made us stay home more nowadays, but I see how Alya’s drawing skills are developing and this game will be definitely a boost for more upgrades. She’s been good with placing all the face features while drawings people, yet sometimes the arrangement won’t be exactly correct – nose will go between eyes, ears are just lines instead of their actual shape, and so on. I expect the new game will  make her realize the real shape of the face features through the hands-on part.

What I used:

  • various colors of felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun

First of all, I printed a blank face coloring page as my main stencil, put the felt over it,  and simply traced the shape of the face with a light gray marker. Cut the future face out, repeated with the hair and the rest of the features.The glue gun was used to secure the pupil over the eyeball.

IMG_9083So far I came up with the boys short hair, girls long and three kinds of eye colors. Want to make more girls hairstyles and some different mouth and eyes expressions to be used for both genders. IMG_9082 The base for our felt activities is the travel pad I once made with the instructions from this website.

Alya accepted the game immediately. She loved the options of a different eye and brow colors as well as two different genders. Now I need to make more hairstyles and mouth/eyes expressions to add more excitement to the personality of the faces.IMG_9088 IMG_9090 IMG_9092 IMG_9093I loved doing this face feature project, as it was extremely easy to arrange for me, and exciting for Alya to play with. Perfection all together!

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