I bumped into the idea of feeding the paper bag monsters with legos before. But Alya is still 2 years and 4 months, the only lego she plays is Lego Duplo – I felt they are not small enough for this activity and we’ve fed our monsters with pom poms.

I used:

  • 5 paper bags
  • 5 different markers to draw silly faces
  • scissors
  • 5 different kinds of pom poms

I cut out a mouth on each bag and then drew silly face features. Straightened the bags up and we were ready to feed each colored monster with a matching pom pom color. So we covered fine motors while aiming the “food” into the mouthes, sorting skill and colors and face features revision.

IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7048

This game was a hit as it kept her busy for more than half an hour for few days in a row. At first she wanted my presence and involvement as we were talking instead of monsters with funny voices, also first time i had to control the color matching part.

IMG_7052 IMG_7054 IMG_7055

UPD: It’s been few weeks already since we made this project and till now Alya likes to play with every other day. We found other small things to feed to them as well (we tried glass marbles and tiny foam building blocks). Appeared to be a great game to share with a friend during a play date.

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