Lately Alya started to pay more attention to the way she colors – she’s trying to stay inside the lines and has more patience to do it the right way. The new developing skill called for a trigger activity; coloring within embossed glue boundaries seemed like a good idea. 

What I used:

  • coloring page of a leaf with clear thick lines
  • white glue
  • water colors

IMG_8967 First I let Alya to draw over all the lines with the glue. Then we had to set the sheet aside for a while, so it could dry completely. Meanwhile we kept coloring other pages I thoughtfully printed ahead.IMG_8968  As soon as the glue lines were dry, Alya was ready to make the leaf colorful. I emphasized to her how this task is about coloring slowly and staying within the lines. She was really careful to follow the instructions, and very proud of her great effort and result. IMG_8970 IMG_8971 The project was finished mess-free, and I completely love it! It was our first time trying this technique, and it came out as a success. Though, I had greater expectations towards the glue –  I thought it will be a significant barrier between the sections. In reality, it had a very minor effect, yet still noticeable, so Alya was able to see it and – the most important – she grasped the entire idea of the task. IMG_8972

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