I love recycling activities and this Cactus project is definitely one of them. Me and Alya had a great time painting the elements of the set. Then she totally took over the construction part.

What I used:

  • 13×8 in piece of cardboard (size is approximate)
  • scissors
  • few shades of green water paint
  • black Sharpie

First of all I cut many different sizes of oval shapes – one has to be the biggest, then 2 same and lots of small ones. The smallest were the hits later on. Then I made a slit in the middle of each side of the oval so they will be able to connect to each other.IMG_7018I made the base out of 2 rectangles as I cut a little slit in the middle of each. And this is a preview of the future cactus right before the painting part. IMG_7014I covered the working area to avoid any mess. We painted all of the pieces front and back and set them aside till dry.IMG_7026As soon as they were ready, I drew an outline with black Sharpie on each oval along with some prickles and showed Alya how to put the pieces together and she was really happy to construct the cactus all by herself.IMG_7027IMG_7031This activity is great for some bonding time and imagination development, not to mention the recycling. We also revised the oval shape and learned what cactus is.IMG_7030[Source: Pink Stripey Socks]

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