Alya is almost three years old, she’s way more into activities and fun occasions these days compared to last year. Our time together has become more productive and entertaining for both of us. This year October attractions totally matched her age and interests. On the other hand I was really into showing her what a pumpkin patch is. I had a few spots on y mind, but ended up at the closest to us, located in a place Alya really loves. We went to a Pumpkin Hollow in Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, KS. They arranged it in the closed area within their territory, and to get to it we had to take a hayride. Alya was over the moon! Loved the horses and the whole experience. As soon as we arrived, she ran to the slide area and looked around only after she went through it at least 10 times in a row 🙂 .IMG_8708 Then we noticed a tractor train and of course she had to take a ride. IMG_8716 IMG_8723 Farm activities all around. IMG_8726 IMG_8738 IMG_8739 Some sensory time with corn kernels. IMG_8740 How about a mini golf with a boot club? 😀IMG_8747 Entering the pumpkin patch. IMG_8752 Hmmm which one to choose? IMG_8756 Chose to take a decision some time later and ran to the corn maze.IMG_8766 We were lucky to go on a sunny semi warm day. IMG_8778 IMG_8782 It was almost time to leave, so we went to the patch again to pick a perfect pumpkin. Fall colors are so beautiful!IMG_8789 IMG_8791 Hayride back to the farmstead public area. Yep, she had to lay on her stomach till we arrived 😀 .IMG_8799IMG_8797 IMG_8801 IMG_8802 IMG_8811Beautiful place and great people working there. The worst part – they are closed October 31st till mid April. We’ll miss you, farmstead, and can’t wait to take some spring shots next year!

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