I’m in an ongoing process of reading and learning wide range of information, which is majorly dedicated to motherhood due to my current life style. Most of the times my bookmarks and downloads include info on children’s phycology, early learning, main milestones and dealing with them. But lately I caught myself thinking that I have some ridiculous knowledge implied in my everyday routine.

  1. I know a trillion nursery rhymes, songs and tunes. I’m ready to sing them anytime of the day and adjust my repertoire to Alya’s mood and occasion. Some of them would play in my head all day long, I even catch myself humming “The wheels on the bus” or “Let it go” while shopping. I used to see singing moms in public places and think they are crazy. Nope, singing is a part of having kids.
  2. I learned the names of all Disney princess and their companions, Sesame Street and other age appropriate shows characters. We don’t have cable and Alya’s usual screen time is limited to around 30 minutes a day to 1 hour. Yet it helps me in many ways  – we discuss story lines and important behavioral issues like sharing, clean up, eating healthy, brushing teeth, etc.
  3. I tried various recipes and science experiments with Alya – like homemade play dough, baking soda and vinegar eruption, painting with salt and many more. It may seem pointless but it adds lots of entertainment to our days and helps Alya to learn new things while developing her fine motor skills.
  4. As soon as Alya was potty trained I had to know locations of all public restrooms in our area and by now I’m a pro in finding directions to the toilets in all stores, cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood. Useless as it may seem, knowing the way to the bathroom in the emergency moment can really save the day.
  5. Since I’m a stay at home mom, Alya has to be entertained during the day and she’s my companion during shopping and other errands. And this made me find all possible activities for toddlers around us – we go to story times in libraries and toy stores, activities in parks and museums, concerts and all possible play times. I have my own schedule of attending kids events based on emails subscriptions and web sites info. Took some time to figure out all of it, but we always have a place to go, and are never stuck at home. Alya gets her portion of social interaction and I get to know all the sales and perks of our neighborhood. Win win for sure 🙂

Sometimes I laugh at myself for knowing and following all of these nonsense, but every little thing rescues me through the hard times of being a mother. So screw all the adult time, I’m raising a happy child here. Whatever helps, I’m into learning and using it.

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