There are days when I need a fast activity for Alya, and I don’t have the time or the mood to prepare anything special. Very often a simple kitchen essential is a savior during our craft sessions and other games. Sometimes simple idea is even more exciting than something complicated.

  1. Painting with sponges – grab a clean sponge, squirt a few colors on a paper plate and invite your toddler to  print over the white paper.IMG_7985
  2. Paper plate sun-catchers – detailed description here.IMG_5892
  3. Baking soda and vinegar experiment – grab a cookie tray, spread some baking soda over it. Add a few drops of food color over for more colorful effect. Handle a dropper with vinegar to your kid, and watch the excitement of this simple magic trick. We didn’t have a dropper, so used an empty travel spray container instead – both spraying and pouring with it was interesting for Alya!IMG_7476 IMG_7477
  4. Painting over salt – I described our experience in detailes here.IMG_6943
  5. Coloring page upgraded with grains ( e.g. dry rice, oatmeal, couscous, anything you have in pantry) – for instance, one of the fast projects we did was printing a coloring page of a chicken. Both Alya and I colored the bird with crayons, then added some glue at the bottom of the page. Alya loved spraying the food (couscous) for the bird over the glue. We also added some colorful feather to enrich the tail.IMG_8942
  6. Rainbow on a napkin – take a paper napkin and draw a rainbow with markers. Each color should be about an inch from the bottom. Fill a pyrex tray with a half inch of water. Let your kid hold the napkin and dip it inside. The colors will start “running” up the napkin and even overlapping a little bit. Now you have your personal rainbow 🙂 . We repeated this experiment at least ten singing the rainbow song along 😀 .IMG_8922 IMG_8924
  7. Paper bag monsters game – details here.IMG_7055
  8. Painting with toilet roll tubes – pour some paint over a paper plate. Dip one end of the toilet paper roll in it and start stamping. We did a fall tree using few colors for the leaves.IMG_7920IMG_7925
  9. Painting over foil – cover a piece of cardboard with foil. Use it as the surface for art experiments. Very simple, yet the experience is totally different from the regular painting over the paper.IMG_7903 IMG_7907
  10. Paper plate alphabet game – jumping can be educational. Learn about our experience here.IMG_6899
  11. Printing with chalk – fill half a pyrex tray with water. Use a sifter to grate chalk over the water. Try different colors, in order to get a nice mix of powder on water surface. Slowly put a white sheet of paper over water, just so it touches it. Gently pick it up and enjoy an artistic result.IMG_7896 IMG_7898
  12. Sponge blocks – cut your regular new kitchen sponges into different shapes – triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. Invite your kiddo to build and imagine.IMG_7935
  13. Simple paper plate puzzles – easy directions to make first puzzles for toddlers here.IMG_4384
  14. Matching game with magnets – get your cookie tray. Lay a sheet of white paper over it, and use a Sharpie to trace some magnetic numbers or letters over the paper. Take them off, and let your kiddo match the magnets over.IMG_7425
  15. Paint a box – the easiest activity to set, yet extremely captivating. As trivial as it sounds – grab any box you have in your household, and let your kid have all the fun painting it without directions. Alya was busy for at least half an hour. IMG_8918

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